Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics

Data is a strategic asset that when utilized effectively, can give your organization a competitive edge. Often CRM, ERP/M, POS, inventory and other systems are not integrated, or the data aggregated in ways, to enable you to efficiently communicate or manage your business. The SalesMetrix Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics practice delivers BI solutions that provide fact-based, timely, knowledge that can positively impact your business strategies, tactics and operations.

Our Process

  • Analyze current systems and develop strategies
  • Determine key measurements and reporting objectives
  • Implement a scalable, cost-effective solution for current and future requirements
  • Ensure appropriate access to the information warehouse
  • Develop automated processes to deliver accurate, real-time data
  • Provide executive dashboards and custom analytics

Our goal is to enable you to aggregate vast quantities of data from various systems into actionable information, enhancing your organization's ability to up-sell, cross-sell and effectively manage the entire business with intelligent analytics. BI_ChartsOur BI and Analytics services include:

  • Query and Reporting
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Data Mining & Forensics

SalesMetrix Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions can provide you the information to streamline operations, lower costs, improve profit margins, effectively target customers, better understand your pipeline, identify trends and shorten life cycles.

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