Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enhancements
by SalesMetrix

SalesMetrix develops innovative Microsoft CRM enhancements that are proven at numerous Client implementations, and available in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketplace. These out-of-the-box solutions are the result of continuous evolution from client feedback and real-world use.  Not only do they save you time and money on custom development, you gain knowledge from the best practices of others. Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhancements include:

  • Sales Pipeline Manager enables sales teams to be more effective and focus on results driven sales activities. It gives you better control over sales, as sales activity is managed at key stages in your sales process, with instantaneous line of sight into your sales pipeline and where opportunities exist within each sales cycle.

  • Forecast Manager gives you the insight you need to more productively manage your business. This best-in-class solution allows you to achieve more accurate production forecasts and a more precise measurement of revenue in the pipeline spread out over specific time periods.

  • Quick Quote enables you to quickly prepare a standardized quote and email as a PDF attachment - all with a single click. You can edit quote line items in a grid style window, specify line item sequencing/numbering, specify markdown percentage from list price or markdown from cost and identify historical prices quoted to your customer.

  • SSDocument Manager is a CRM to SharePoint integration that allows you to manage folders and documents seamlessly from the CRM interface. The information is accessible directly from SharePoint and maintains the security of both systems.

  • Email Manager is an optional component to Document Manager that strips email attachments and stores them in SharePoint – saving both space and redundant information.

  • Address Manager automatically populates and updates addresses for contacts based on Account level addresses. Save time manually updating addresses by auto filling contact information based on site locations.

  • The SalesMetrix Dynamics CRM-SAP Quote to Order Integration uses web services to seamlessly integrate and maintain key information including customer records, material master, quotes, pricing, orders, and invoicing. Learn more!

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