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Obtaining a Customer Relationship Management solution that optimizes business performance requires more than just the selection and installation of the right software application. It also requires planning and configuration to map the functionality needs of the business to that of the application. It requires training users and administrators and the migration of legacy data. It may even require some level of integration with other applications and possibly application customization to meet unique business requirements.

SalesMetrix assists our clients in achieving the most value from their CRM solutions by applying a coordinated series of best practices through all of the stages of their system deployment. These general stages are defined below:

Solution Blueprinting

Defining the specific business requirements, and designing a detailed implementation plan that meets these requirements, is crucial to the success of any business system deployment. To accomplish this, SalesMetrix conducts various activities such as executive workshops, system walkthroughs, and conference room pilots that allow us to identify inefficiencies in the existing systems and processes, mission critical functions, system inputs, system outputs, existing reports, application interfaces, and process dependencies. With this information we clearly identify immediate and long-term opportunities for improving overall business operations.

Projects lacking a proper requirements definition often experience iterative loops through the implementation activities as the project team attempts to hit moving requirements targets. Fixing the list of requirements during the requirements definition phase therefore represents a prime opportunity to manage the project's cost and delivery date.

Project Planning and Management

A successful system implementation requires effective planning, coordinated execution, and timely communication. To facilitate this, SalesMetrix establishes detailed project plans that identify specific tasks, responsible personnel (including client involvement), critical milestones, and timelines for each phase of the implementation project. The SalesMetrix engagement manager works closely with the client sponsor to review work progress, budgets, and schedules. By applying these systematic project management principles throughout the project, SalesMetrix can significantly increase the cost-effectiveness and speed of the overall implementation engagement.

Implementation and Training

SalesMetrix's implementation phase engages a series of experience-driven practices that facilitate rapid and cost effective implementations. Implementation activities including system installation, setup and configuration, systems integration, data conversion, and software customization, are followed by comprehensive testing processes that validate transaction flows, and data integrity.

SalesMetrix conducts hands-on classroom training to prepare users for go live. To aid in effective knowledge transfer and retention, custom procedures manuals can be generated to document business processes and user workflows. At the end of the implementation phase a "critical success factor" review process is conducted to ensure that all objectives and functionality requirements have been met.

Going Live

Upon "Go-Live" day, system users are now ready to enter "live" transactions into the system. It is at this time that user acceptance of the newly implemented system is most critical. During this phase we will work closely with system users to minimize the challenges that users face when using the new system. SalesMetrix makes sure that end-users are comfortable in performing their everyday system functions. During this time we also monitor and optimize the performance of the system under live conditions and assist resolving any unanticipated system issues that may be encountered.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to our clients does not end when we complete an implementation project. To ensure our clients maintain their competitive advantage by staying at the forefront of technology, SalesMetrix conducts advanced training courses, ongoing system maintenance and upgrades, annual system reviews, and periodic users group sessions. We also provide on-site support, and extended hour help desk support services that give our clients the ability to obtain maximum value from their Microsoft CRM investment.

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