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CRM Boot Camp Implementation Training Overview

SalesMetrix delivers custom tailored on-site "Boot Camp" implementation training specially designed for Microsoft CRM Service, Sales, and Marketing Automation functions. All of our boot camp offerings are led by certified Microsoft CRM application professionals that have extensive real world experience in performing Microsoft CRM implementations and training services.

The objectives of the boot camp implementation approach are:

  • Deliver a cost effective baseline configuration that incorporates best practices to address marketing, sales, and service management functions.
  • Train key designated system administrators on how to install, manage, set up, and configure the CRM application.
  • Establish baseline user procedures for your company’s initial use of the CRM application.
  • Provide end user training to pilot group users within the organization that incorporates functional as well as business process related aspects.
  • Provide strategic insight and guidance on how to ensure that the roll out of CRM is successful and that the return on your CRM investment is positive.

During the Boot Camp Implementation and Training project we will guide you in performing the actual installation and configuration of Microsoft CRM with the simultaneous benefit of setting up and configuring Microsoft CRM for your company’s specific business requirements. This process will consist of:

  • Installation and setup of Microsoft Server and Outlook Client components.
  • 1 day of on-site business requirements definition and CRM functionality mapping and design.
  • 1 ½ days of on-site system configuration and training.
  • Data migration of accounts and contacts from your legacy system;
  • 1 day of end user training.
  • Delivery of a customized CRM Quick Study Guide produced specifically for your company’s expected use of the CRM application.
  • Best practices recommendations and strategies for using CRM to manage marketing, sales, and\or service activities.

Microsoft CRM Boot Camp Training Cost and Registration:
The scope and cost of the Boot Camp Implementation and Training project can vary depending on the specific requirements of the business. Typically the cost will range between $4,800 and $7,500. If you are interested in having us conduct a Microsoft CRM Boot Camp Implementation and Training for your business, please contact us at 1(877) 77MSCRM or E-Mail us at and we will help tailor a course that is best suited for your needs.

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