Financial Services

CRM for Financial Services is specifically designed to give you a comprehensive view of your customer to enable you to deliver excellent customer service, more easily identify new revenue opportunities and focus on the most valuable accounts. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, the Financial Services solution is engineered to accommodate the needs of the financial services industry including advisors, institutional clients, agents and brokers. Highlights include:FinancialServices

  • Capture, identify and Track Leads
  • In-Depth Account Profiles
  • Real-time Client Interaction Tracking
  • Automate Administrative Processes
  • Document, Quote and Order Management
  • Easily adapt for regulations and compliance
  • Improve consistency of customer service across all channels.

CRM for Financial Services expands your opportunities, reduces administrative overhead and builds customer loyalty by integrating research, sales, marketing, and customer service systems into a single platform for high-touch sales professionals.

Built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, CRM for Financial Services provides the ability to achieve seamless integration to back-office and operational systems within your organization, resulting in a truly complete customer information management solution.

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