When it comes to accurate sales forecasting, setting goals, continuously measuring success, and improving upon existing sales and marketing processes, a reliable and accurate sales forecast is critical to achieving your revenue, service and inventory goals. Without these forecasts provided in a timely and efficient manner, your ability to function and compete may be severely limited.

SalesMetrix provides veteran consultants who regularly assist organizations with forecasting solutions utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. By deploying advanced sales analytics and forecasting solutions layered on Dynamics CRM, you can produce a reliable and three-dimensional sales forecast that benefits all aspects of your business, beyond sales.

Our Process

  • SalesMetrix consultants examine current forecasting procedures to determine how successful they are in meeting your business objectives. Our staff can create and improve your forecasting models utilizing macroeconomic, industry and company level forecasts along with Dynamics CRM.
  • We perform an analysis of the levels of forecasting accuracy that are being achieved for short, medium and long-term forecasts. We also check for bias i.e. forecasts being persistently too high or too low.
  • Regular monitoring against appropriate KPIs is vital to ensure a direction of continual improvement. These improvements typically involve processes, forecasting models, and software application changes.

ForecastingGraphBy leveraging CRM data in the forecasting process, SalesMetrix clients are able to increase Sales staff productivity and reduce forecasting cycle time. By combining forecasts for new business and historical sales, your business can obtain a more comprehensive assessment of future sales and product demand over multiple periods, and with accuracy weighted numbers. Other benefits of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM forecasting solution include:

  • Real-time, on-demand forecasting from your CRM dashboard, including Outlook
  • Easily review your pipeline to effectively anticipate issues and support Sales staff
  • Data filters customizable at run-time for tailored results. Examples include: o Sales rep, product, service, lead source, account type, weeks, months, etc.
  • Out-of-the box graphs and analytics, all customizable

SalesMetrix CRM

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