Health Care Services

CRM for Health Care Services is specifically designed to heighten the level of communication and deepen relationships among your physicians, patient care representatives and health organizations. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, the Health Care Services solution is engineered to accommodate industry specific information and includes integrations to industry standard applications such as the Misys Medical Records system. Highlights include:

  • Analyze, Profile and Prioritize Clients
  • Referral tracking with automated follow-up
  • Scheduling, Routing and Planning of Visits
  • Patient care coordination
  • Document, Quote and Order Management
  • Expense tracking for Stark Law compliance

CRM for health care service companies is unique because it must accommodate an indirect sales process and sophisticated scheduling requirements. Quickly access information, accurately track referral history and create stronger relationships by spending less time in the back office.

Built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, CRM for Health Care Services provides the ability to achieve seamless integration to back-office and operational systems within your organization, resulting in a truly complete customer information management solution.


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