Oil and Gas

CRM for Oil & Gas is specifically designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of sales, marketing, and customer service operations for upstream Oil and Gas product/service oriented businesses. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, the Oil & Gas solution is engineered to accommodate industry specific information such as wells, rigs, and lease information and provide business analytics that enable drilldown reporting all the way to the wellhead. Highlights include:OilandGasChart

  • Automate Lead Routing
  • Dynamic Mapping to View Sales and Job Info
  • Share Customer Information and Correspondence to Improve Collaboration
  • Manage Assets, Sales Tenders and RFPs
  • Document, Quote and Order Management
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Schedule and Dispatch Service Resources
  • Manage Field Work Orders and Capture Electronic Signatures

CRM Oil &Gas has established integrations with leading well, rig, and production data sources so this information can be quickly leveraged and used to support sales, marketing, and service operations.

Built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, CRM for Oil and Gas provides the ability to achieve seamless integration to back-office and operational systems within your organization, resulting in a truly complete customer information management solution.

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